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The ‘no hammer’ method of repairing broken pipes with Picote Brush Coating

Pipe Relining Cape Town

Gone are the days where your entire garden or pavement is dug up, or your expensive Italian tiles smashed in search, repair or replacement of broken pipes. PlumVac is introducing Cape Town to the Picote Brush Coating System, the latest in sewer pipe repair.

Using the Picote Brush Coating System, PlumVac are able to renovate old and deteriorated drains and sewers, both on private and commercial property. Whether you’re in search of a pipe relining company in Cape Town to repair a burst pipe under your kitchen sink, or repair damaged drains in a block of flats or factory, PlumVac has the pipe relining machines, skills and expertise for any plumbing concern, great or small.

What is Picote Brush Coating?

The Picote Brush Coating System is a two-step process: descaling the damaged pipe or pipes in preparation for repair, and resin coating that lines and seals over damaged areas. This is a highly specialised field of plumbing that requires the Picote Miller machine and expert training in pipe relining and coating.

How pipe descaling works

To efficiently repair a damaged pipe, drain or sewer, it will need to be thoroughly descaled from rust and dirt. The Picote Miller machine provides high speed cleaning using tools designed to descale on cast iron, clay, fibreglass, steel, concrete and PVC pipes. Once completed, the coating pump is connected to the Miller and pipe coating can begin.

How pipe coating works

The Picote Brush Coating System provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant and non-corrosive environmentally-friendly resin coating that lines the inside of the damaged pipe, drain or sewer. Once the liner dries, it seals over the old damaged pipe smoothing over cracks and holes. The result is a brand new pipe that withstands shocks, and most importantly, remains resilient and flexible over time.

What Problems Can Pipe Coating Correct

The Picote Pipe Coating System offers an effective and long-term solution to a host of common pipe repair problems. Pipe coating is effective in repairing cracks, preventing leaks and reinforcing the structural integrity of the pipe. Pipe coating increases the longevity of the pipe and prevents future problems from occurring.

What are the benefits of Pipe Coating?

Picote Pipe Coating has the following advantages over traditional pipe repair methods:

The polyurea resin used to coat the pipes offers corrosion protection and prevents future damage.
It prevents the pipe coming in contact with harsh chemicals.
Water flows more freely with fewer instances of clogged pipes and drains
The coating is wear and tear resistant.
Picote Pipe Coating can withstand very hot temperatures.
It enhances the structural integrity of the pipe system.
The ‘no dig’ method doesn’t disrupt the environment.
Picote Pipe Coating curing process is faster than most epoxy coating, usually a 10 second set time.
It can withstand extreme water pressure.
Picote Pipe Coating can be used to seal entire lengths of pipes instead of small patch repair work.

Why you should consider PlumVac for pipe coating in Cape Town?

PlumVac uses the Picote Brush Coating System, a global innovator and manufacturer of trenchless pipe repair with facilities in Finland, the UK and USA. It’s one of the most advanced long-distance coating options available in Cape Town and the most structurally superior epoxies on the market.

PlumVac can coat many types of pipe systems including

Sewer lines
Vent systems
Pump systems
Storm or roof drains
Mains, vertical stacks, horizontal laterals
Industrial/processed/chemical piping
Private and public dams
Residential pipes
Commercial, residential, municipal, industrial, and hospitality properties

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