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Oxi liner is a 1 pipe epoxy blow in place lining system.
The system is designed to shoot epoxy resins in to none potable pipes and potable pipes from sizes 15mm 22mm 28mm 40mm and 50mm.
The Oxi tube which is the stainless steel pressure vessel that dose the relining is used to sand blast the pipes to clean the pipes before relining. After the pile has been cleaned you then clean the Oxi tube of all sand and repeat the same process but with epoxy. Supplied by Oxi liner. The Epoxy’s have aprovals and are used only for the Oxi liner process.
The Oxi tube is only for relining a one pipe system. Such as a cold water pipe or a hot water pipe in a bathroom. It can reline thru Tee joints and go thru multiple bends. The wall thickness with our Epoxy’s are 1mm thick per coat.
The Oxi tube needs no Electricity as it is supplier air pressure thru a oxygen bottle and it can be used by 2 people. The Oxi liner process is easy to use and is good for those hard to get places. Such as high up in hotels in roof spaces and many more. For more information please contact Oxi liner.

OXI Liner

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